Programs and Services

| 1. Phoenix Youth Shelter | 2. Phoenix Centre for Youth | 3. Phoenix House |
| 4. Supervised Apartment Program | 5. Phoenix Learning & Employment Centre | 6. Follow Up Program |

phoenix Six programs providing a continuum of care for homeless and at-risk youth in Metro Halifax.

1. Phoenix Youth Shelter:

The Phoenix Youth Shelter is a 20-bed shelter facility offering a range of sevices including: safe emergency accommodations, clothing, food and other daily essentials, counselling and therapeutic support to enable youth to move forward to a safer, healthier and more productive lifestyle. This program opened in late 2001 and is located at 1094 Tower Road, Halifax. It is supported by the Government of Canada and the Province of Nova Scotia.
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2. Phoenix Centre for Youth:

The Phoenix Centre for Youth is a street front, walk-in service offering counselling, referrals to community resources, health care, showers, laundry facilities, food and advocacy. This program opened in 1994 and is located at 6035 Coburg Road, Halifax. It is also the administration centre for the association.
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3. Phoenix House:

Phoenix House is a 10-bed residential facility for males and females. It offers safe, supportive housing for youth learning skills for independent living. This program opened in 1992 and is located at 2385 Hunter Street, Halifax.
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4. Supervised Apartment Program:

The Supervised Apartment Program is three independently rented homes in which three clients reside with a live-in support person hired by Phonex Youth Programs. The Supervised Apartment Program, opened in 1992, provides a 'close to normal' supportive living situation for youth learning the skills needed for the next level of independent living. These homes are within walking distance of Phoenix House.
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5. Phoenix Learning & Employment Centre:

The goal of the Phoenix Learning and Employment Centre is to provide youth with opportunities for pre-employment, life-skill and academic development. This initiative was established in 2000 and is funded by the Government of Canada.
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6. Follow Up Program:

The Follow Up Program offers ongoing continuity of support and crisis intervention. Recognizing that meaningful change takes time, this program, established in 1988, is designed to remain with an individual over the 'longhaul.'
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