NitroTek wants to help you make an informed decision about whether your organization should have its own web-site. Though written primarily for non-profit groups, many of the pros and cons listed below also apply to small-businesses.

Some statistics: 62% of non-profits without internet access want it to fundraise. 42% of non-profits without internet access believe a web-site would assist in promoting their cause. ( Source, 1997 Industry Canada survey. Further details at ).

Your own web-site
can be used to enhance or augment your current traditional fundraising programs;
ensures your group has complete control of the fundraising process;
reduces costs and removes ‘uncertainties’ to do with out-sourcing;
can reach more people faster, cheaper and better;
promotes a sense of size, credibility and ‘progressiveness’ of your organization;
allows efficient and faster communication to donors and prospects once a working
relationship has been established;
can auto-build a donor database;
opens up the possibility of using virtual volunteers;
can help with research and on-line activism;
provides excellent information-alert communications.
However, you should be aware that having a web-site
is no substitute for face-to-face or telephone interaction with customers, donors, supporters, staff,
  trustees, volunteers or vendors;
may not target the audience you are seeking;
should not cause you to abandon or neglect the conventional and traditional fundraising practices and
  techniques that have worked well in the past;
can be costly if you do not have volunteer support to maintain the site;
does not on its own make your organization super-efficient: the internet can distract your staff.

Most non-profit web-sites are utilized to promote the organization, and some of those are used to display merchandise. Such a site is commonly called an ‘on-line brochure.’ The next step is to accept credit cards (to sell those products, services or event tickets on-line). This is known as ‘e-commerce,’ and you will require the use of our secure server (secure sites usually begin https://).
Note: you do not require a secure server to accept online donations if your charity uses the services of a donations portal such as . In fact you do not even need your own website. if you wish to accept online donations - we will help you set up a donations portal.

NitroTek offers a variety of hosting plans, one of which is sure to meet your organization's hosting and e-mail needs. One-time-only set-up fees apply. Discounts are offered to genuine non-profit organizations, community groups and associations. Visit NitroSpecs to compare our plans.

Don't delay - contact us today if you have any questions about making the most of being on-line.


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